21+ Food Items you didn’t know should be frozen

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Here are the best tips tricks and hacks for freezing food and keeping it on hand.

Regardless of how big or small freezer is how many you have that the importance, in general, is just to use it to its fullest potential because by freezing food leftovers extra meals all of it you can save so much money on your grocery bill and save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to cooking dinner.

There are some tools that you pretty much have to have on hand in order to freeze things successfully because one of the questions I get very often is how do you avoid freezer burn, how do you keep your food tasting good, how do you get it to taste good after it’s been in your freezer for like a year or two?

Freezer Accessories You must Have for perfect Freezing

Disposable Plates

Trick number one is to get yourself some disposable plates, you can get a huge pack from Costco for a couple of bucks. The dollar store has so many different sizes and varieties this comes in handy because as you’re cooking dinner you can take the pan, double whatever you’re making put it in a pan.

There are lots of different sizes, cover it with foil and freeze it and then you have a freezer meal ready to go you just pop the entire thing in your oven throw it away when you’re done no mess no fuss.

Ziploc bags

The next thing you need are Ziploc bags the trick is you want to make sure it says freezer on it I tend to get the Ziploc brand I do find that their zippers hold up really well but make sure it’s freezer another thing that is totally worth the investment.

You can the ziplock bags and will never look back and it helps significantly with freezer burns so especially you can almost always vacuum seal. If you’re freezing something that’s liquid like a sauce or it’s soup and what you’ll do is you can stick it in a freezer bag and then freeze it inside this little freezer cube shelf so that it freezes flat without taking up an entire shelf in your freezer.

Aluminum foil

The next thing you need is some really sturdy aluminum foil another helpful tool are these razors things microwave safebpa-free dishwasher safe pretty much will do everything but teach you French meal containers that when I make excess of something or if I want to make somemake-ahead lunches you just put your a little meal together pop the lid onstick it in the freezer and then you can microwave it directly in this container and have a quick go to lunch or single serve dinner sona.

Last but not least you’ve got to get yourself a good inventory so that as you’re cleaning your fridge or your freezer or whatever it is you keep track of what you have a date that you put it in there and how much you have whatever that item is.

Food Items you should Freeze

Meat and Chicken

The things you can freeze and how number one is a meat and chicken the best way to freeze meat is to vacuum seal it but if you do have the meat like these chicken tenders that come in bags you can just throw them straight in your freezer you’re just gonna want to use them quickly or else they will collect some freezer burn and ice on bread crumbs you know you didn’t freeze bread crumbs by freezing them they actually stay fresher way longer like years so you can use them for baking as usual.


You know you can freeze cuacamole you could actually even freeze pull avocados straight in the freezer before they go back you’re welcome, see this is something a lot of people don’t know you can freeze if it’s sliced or shredded you can stick it in the freezer as is if it’s a block of cheese you’re going to want to slice or shred it or else it usually comes out crumbly when you thought so.

Gobert and popsicles

Gobert and popsicles, of course, like basically one of our three main food groups how nasty banana sell right this one might be on its way out but if you’ve got to keep bananas throw them in the freezer let him thaw a little bit and you can make delicious banana bread without stinking up your kitchen.

Think about it when you go to Costco or go to the store when you walk down the freezer as like and you see things like frozen grilled chicken strips you can basically do that at home anything in the freezer as liike you can freeze at home.

And in case you have got cooked taco meat and cooked chicken skewers that you didn’t eat quickly enough so. It threw it in the freezer so now on a busy night you can pull out that’s fully cooked and thought and have a dinner ready in 10 minutes or less baking chocolate chia seeds flax seeds other kinds II see nuts oh yes you can you’re nuts not to freeze nuts so pinenuts for example we love these sprinkle don our salads but any kind of mixed nuts fancy nuts snacking that’s baking nuts.

Chocolate not only does it keep it away from your kids because I can’t find your stash inyour messy freezer but these chocolates were from last Easter which was over six months ago and not only are they worth rushing when they’re cold they taste just as fresh as the day I bought them because I put them directly in my freezer.

If we’re buying it bulk like from Costco we will just takeout one package that we need stick everything else in the freezer all you need to do is pull it out a day or two earlier than you need it let it thaw and it tastes just as fresh and good as the day you bought it, and then you’re not wasting any by letting it expire for you banana bread and muffins actually freeze.

Sea food

Fish and sea food of course can be frozen hot dogs they are amazing actually so by I’m in the summer when they’re on sale on freezer meals which we’ll talk about this more a little bit later.

But again double it your cooking triple foil the top label what it is and freeze it you can let it thaw the night before or what I like to do on a busy night you stick it straight in the oven totally rock-hard frozen let it sit oven as the oven is coming to temperature and adjust the baking time usually about double the baking time just make sureit’s warm heated through and cooked through hummus freezes amazingly well so especially when you buy it in bulk or if you buy those little individual pack supon this stick half of them in your freezer so they don’t go bad before you get through them egg roll wrappers this is random.

Baked items

Cookies baked items everyone just needs them on hand so just yeah bagels and bread typically I do freeze these in freezer ziplocs shake out any ice that’s accumulated in the bag let that file outon your counter if the bread comes out alittle crusty little heart wrap thatpiece of bread and a damp paper to well microwave it for like 10 seconds.

It makes the bread nice and soft again then you can chose do in a row okay I’d like to put all this stuff back one quick tip I want to tell you about arranging your freezer is the deeper you are in your freezer themore cold it is which is better forthings like meat seafood fish so loadyour freezer first with meat and proteintest kits and shelves and the top areas of the freezer say for things like popsicles dairy frozen lunch or dinner items see that really just don’t need tobe quite as cold okay I think that’s itfor this freezer let me go show you thenext one all right now we’re in thedepths of the Batcave aka the basementnow I’m going to show you some more ofwhat is in yet another greaser so it’sjust dive right in I told you I’m a foodhoarder don’t judge okay what have wegot here so again we’ve got lots of meatI know you guys are gonna ask so wheredo I get all this meat from you know Ihave to tell you I used to buy it bulkcrews a cons when we moved in the ownersleft this one behind and we had one ofour own so this one is pretty emptyright now so what we might do is when wego down on our meat supply we may justsplit a cow find a family and buy in ata quarter of a cow cuz I know that’s away to get bulk meat for cheap otherwisejust look for deals at your localgrocery store and when meat goes on salebuy as much as you can afford and asmuch as you can store so that as youneed it you don’t have to run to thestore and pay full price for chocolatechips any form of chocolate includings’mores chocolate fries is great freezethose shuck with that form what always agood idea beansand refried beans especially thehomemade kind freeze fabulously seedsand garden items especially foremergency preparedness and if you’re abig gardener and had a great crop ofsomething and want to revive those seedsto next year you can flash freeze themand they will grow oh they will growgotta get Mollittle sunshine sauces and soups you canfreeze a number of different ways I loveusing just big mason jars just be sureto label the top with what it is and besure to label the date it’s not like amystery sauce in a jar and one of thetricks is be sure to leave extra spaceat the top of the jar because liquidsexpand boys and girlsyou don’t want broken jars I’ve madethat mistake before so leave some spaceon the top and they freeze great Carrieokay so we talked about cheese upstairsbut you can also freeze cream cheesesour cream or cottage cheese now oncethey’re thought out you’re going to wantto use them for cooking not so much justplain eating or topping because thetexture changes slightly but this worksgreat for soups casseroles crock-potdishes and I’ll stock up when it’s onsale stainless yogurt you think freezeyogurt directly in the container andagain you wouldn’t want to just eat itplain but it works great for desserts orfor us we love putting a frozen yogurtright inside a spoon butter is a big onestock up when it’s on sale or even buyit at Costco and big packages breathe itit stays fresher way longer and a sagasuper quick so ain’t no shame in hockeycranberries and fruit in general yes youcan freeze cranberries and yes you canfreeze them whole not only then do theythaw out you can use them for holidaysfor you know cranberry sauce and thingslike that but I love making cranberrysalsa so I like keeping these on handsand then fruit in general yes you canfreeze fruit why do you think they sellbags of frozen fruit in the frozen aislenewsflash they freeze frozen fruit makesgreat smoothies and desserts and combocrumbles and all sorts of things that Idon’t take because I don’t like to bakebut smoothies are great so fruit fruitfruit along with that is veggies ofcourse you can buy packages of frozenvegetables like this or you can freezevegetables yourself so if your garden isbusting make yourbatters and dough’s cookie dough ofcourse freezes fantastically so do somebatters save the container and then thecontainer becomes a nice reusablefreezer container for other things inthis case white bean soup pizzas andfrozen meals of course these greatchicken breasts one of the things that Iwill do is buy giant packages ofboneless skinless chicken breast or itcould be chicken thighs or chicken wingsor chicken tenders you can divide themup and put them in individual baggiesone breast at a time or in this case Ihave two per bag you can also vacuumseal them for extra protection we justgo through our chicken really fast so Itypically don’t vacuum seal the chickenRize as flat as you can so it takes upthe least amount of space bada bing boomperfect for cooking if they freeze it inthis store you can freeze it at homethese are store-bought freezer meals ofcourse but guess what you can make theseat home as well noodle bowls breakfastbowls breakfast burritos lasagnaswhatever you see make it yourself athome and freeze it for a fraction ofthis boss okay let’s just talk about thefreezers for a minute I know I have amillion of them and I know it is nottypical some of them were left behind byprevious owners like I said some of themwe invested in ourselves but now that wehave them all we use them and I feellike I’m a little bit of a freezerexpert at this point in time so let metell you the differences betweenfreezers and the benefits of having themand how you can creatively find spacefor them in your own home alright sofirst up you’ve got these traditionaltall freezers these are I would have tosay probably my favorite if you are ableto have even one of these anywhere inyour house in your garage in a guestroom in a closet or in this case in arandom storage room down in the depthsof your basement it is so worth it whatI love about these tall freezers is thatit makes it easy to organize and findanother type of freezer that we have isa chest freezer a dead body freezer ifyou will or a mine these are great formeat deep-freezing is awesome for thingsthat typically stay in your freezer forquite a while and you don’t rotatethrough quite as quickly so for us we’vegot one and again this is where we keepmost of our bulk meat like if you splita cow or if you buy large 40 50 60 poundpackages of meat like we used to keepthem in a deep freezer the benefits isthat it keeps things fresh or longerbecause that cold air really stays niceand cold in a deep freezer the downsideis that whatever is on the bottom isbasically lost to the world we’re comingfor you buddythis is where that freezer inventoryprintable that’s linked below willreally come in handy for us we’veactually started trying to get away fromthese chest freezers and that’s why webought another upright freezer we’regonna eventually move all of this inthere and probably get rid of it becauseI just can’t get down there kick it downto the bottom and then the last kind offreezer of course is like the one up inmy kitchen that is usually attached to afridge whether it’s a pullout whetherit’s a side open or whether it’s a topopen freezer those are great for thingsthat you use and rotate throughregularly we’re talking everyday itemslike bread frozen veggies and then savethese big storage freezers for thingsyou don’t use quite as often and need tobe stored really well for a long time sothere you go there’s a look inside allof my mini freezers I have a lot moreinformation for you on things you canfreeze how to freeze them tax forfreezing and thawing them that all inthe blog posts I will link below soplease check it out hopefully youenjoyed this video if you did when yougive it a thumbs up thank younew videos every Thursday around herewe’ve got all sorts of frugal livingproductivity fanand finding out hacks and tips so besure to subscribe and I think that’s ityou don’t mind I have a couple offreezers I need to clean and organize aninventory so I’m gonna let you go I justneed you to wish me luck because I belowsee you next time all rightsince ring what it weird agree it wouldit okay sorry I’m just repeating myselfso just pick

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