Best Truckers Mini Fridge 2022 – Trucks and Semi Trucks (Reviews)

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Truckers spend a lot of their time in their trucks. Many truckers work a regular 40-hour workweek and almost half of the truckers work longer hours than this. So, a trucker should keep a good refrigerator or mini-fridge in their trucks to store drinks and food items.

If you are a trucker then Spending weeks on the road can be solitary, dull and, federal statistics show, more likely fatal than service as a police officer. The medical conditions that often accompany obesity, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, can put a driver at risk of not being medically qualified to drive. Also, truckers do not easily get inexpensive & healthy food at stops. You can store healthy food if you have a portable fridge.

So, to keep you energized or store insulin you should buy a portable fridge or refrigerator for your truck or semi-truck which is spacious, durable, and cools faster.

5 Best Mini Fridges for Truckers 2022 – Trucks and Semi Trucks

Product NameHighlightsCapacityCheck Price/Buy
1. Whynter FM-65G Portable Refrigerator (Best Overall)
#Two removable wire baskets
#Faster Cooling
#Power low indicator
#LED temperature display
#Works with AC/DC
65 QuartBuy at AMAZON
2. Alpicool C20 Portable Refrigerator Vehicle, Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Mini-fridge freezer (Editors Choice)#LCD Control Panel
#Quiet Operation
#Works with the solar system
#Great build-up
#Battery protection
21 Quart(20 Liter)Buy at AMAZON
3. Cooluli Concord Blue 20 Liter Compact Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge (Best Budget Fridge)#sleek, compact, and portable
#Works with AC/12v DC
#digital thermostat
#Removable shelves
#Quiet Operation
20 LiterBuy at AMAZON
4. AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Portable (Smallest Mini Fridge)#Small & Easily Portable(Lightweight)
#3 Year Warranty
4 Liter/6 CanBuy at AMAZON
5. Koolatron P-20WH KOOLATRON 18 QT THERMOELECTRIC COOLER#Cooler and warmer
#Slim and compact design
18 Quart/17 LitersBuy at AMAZON

1. Whynter FM-65G 65 Quart Portable Refrigerator (Ac/Dc truck refrigerator)

For truckers, this is the best refrigerator you can buy for your truck. The dimensions are Internal dimensions – 23.5” W x 12.5” L x 15” H and Volume – 2.12 cu. Ft.

The temperature can be adjusted between the Adjustable temperature range: -8°F to 50°F, there is a led temperature display for monitoring temperature. You can use it as a fridge as well as a freezer which is an added advantage.

There are two removable wire baskets for storing different food separately.

It works on both AC and DC, there is an 8-feet AC power cord and a 10-feet DC power cord. If both AC and DC are plugged in at the same time, then the unit will primarily operate on AC. If the AC power source fails, DC will become the primary power supply source. The low power indicator is present to give you a low power warning.

The build-up is excellent and is made up of powder-coated steel which is durable. The drain plug eases cleaning. There are Stainless steel side handles on each side for moving it easily.


  • Capacity: 65 Quart/57 Liters
  • Power: AC/DC
  • Temperature Control Range: -8°F to 50°F
  • Noise: ≤45dB
  • Net Weight: 57 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 28.1” W x 18.25” L x 21” H

2. Alpicool C20 Portable Refrigerator 21 Quart(20 Liter) Vehicle, Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Mini fridge freezer (Best portable semi truck fridge)

This is one of the best Mini fridges for Truckers. It is of 21 Quart(20 Liter) capacity and fits 25 cans of Cola.

The dimensions are 22.4 x 12.6 x 12.6 inches. The LCD panel makes it convenient to control the temperature which can be adjusted between -4℉~50℉, choose battery protection modes, or change between Max and ECO. There is also a USB port that you can use to charge your smartphone.

It is almost silent in operation and produces 45db noise which is good for disturbance-free driving. The build-up quality is great and is durable.

The fridge has a 1 X DC power cord(12/24V) by which you can easily connect to your truck or semi-truck battery and can freeze down to -4°F(-20°C). You can adjust the temperature to convert it into a freezer from the fridge through its LCD control panel.


  • Capacity:21 Quart(20 Liter)
  • Voltage: 12V/24V(DC)
  • Rated power: 45W
  • Temperature Control Range:-4℉~50℉
  • Noise: ≤45dB
  • Net Weight: 19.84 lbs
  • Dimensions:22.4 x 12.6 x 12.6 inches

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3. Cooluli Concord Blue 20 Liter Compact Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge

This is another good mini-fridge for truckers as it features packed, sleek, compact, and portable. The dimensions are 11.25″ W x 13.75″ D x 16.25″ H and weighs 13 lbs. 12 oz. The inner dimensions are 8.8″ L x 9″ D x 13.6″ H. The 20-liter tempered glass front is ideal for trucks.

You can easily change the temperature with a digital thermostat from 40° to 149° in which you can store wine, food, beer, snacks, drinks, milk, insulin, skincare, personal care, beauty products, medicine, and other essentials at a specific temperature.

The molded inset carry handle on each side makes it easy to carry it anywhere. The noise produced by the fridge/freezer is very low and is almost silent in operation and efficient.

It comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Capacity: 21 Quart(20 Liter)
  • Voltage: AC/12V(DC)
  • Rated power: 45W
  • Noise: ≤45dB
  • Net Weight: 13 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.25″ W x 13.75″ D x 16.25″ H

4. AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler

If you are looking for a small and portable mini fridge then this is the perfect product for you. It is a budget refrigerator where you can easily store around 6 cans.

The inner dimensions are 5.5” x 5.3” x 8.07” and are good for drinks, milk, skincare, cosmetics, food, or medications easy to separate. The removable shelves make it possible to also keep larger bottles.

It can be used for both purposes of cooling and warming. The fridge Cool up to 32°F (18°C) below ambient temperature or keep warm up to 150°F (66°C),86°F (30°C) -64°F (18°C) within an hour, 86°F (30°C) -50°F (10°C) within 2 hours, 86°F (30°C)-37°F( 3°C) within 3 hours.

It includes two plugs that can be used in regular wall sockets at home as well as 12v DC cigarette lighters in vehicles.

This mini-fridge is almost silent and produces a mini sound of 25dB. It comes with 3 years of warranty from the date of manufacture.


  • Capacity: 4 Liter/6 Can
  • ADAPTERS: AC 110V/DC 12V
  • Item Weight: 4.54 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.45 x 6.89 x 10 inches

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5. Koolatron P-20WH KOOLATRON 18 QT THERMOELECTRIC COOLER (Best under $100)

This is the best mini fridge for truckers under $100. It is compact and lightweight. The capacity is 18 Quarts (17 Liters) capacity – Can fit up to 23 cans. The dimensions are 17.75 x 9 x 16.5 inches.

You can plug it into any vehicle 12v outlet whether it is a truck, car, semi-truck, etc.

It works as a cooler as well as a warmer, it can Cools to 40°F (22°C) below the ambient temperature; used in warming mode to warm food or drinks up to 135°F (57°C).

It has a quiet brushless motor, which is unaffected by tilting or vibration. This makes the mini-fridge very silent in operation and hence can be conveniently used in trucks and cars while camping or traveling.

The fridge is made of durable hard plastic with a smooth easy-to-clean plastic liner.


  • Capacity: 18 Quarts/17 Liters
  • Voltage: 12V(DC)
  • Wattage: 48 watts
  • Noise: ≤45dB
  • Net Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.75 x 9 x 16.5 inches

6. Frigidaire RED EFMIS129- CP4 Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge Cooler

This is a small and cute mini fridge which is a perfect option if you want to store a few bottles along with insulin. It can store 12 oz Cans and has a capacity of 4 liters.

It can be plugged into both Ac and DC power outlets and both chargers are included in the package.

You can store cans and milk bottles by removing the removable shelf that offers a variety of storage options.

The reversible door options make an ideal choice for small spaces and allow for multiple placement options in any room.


Capacity: ‎4 Liters
Voltage: 12V(DC)
Voltage: 110 Volts
Noise: ≤45dB
Net Weight: 3 pounds
Dimensions: ‎10 x 7 x 10 inches


If you own a semi-truck or large truck your Alpicool C20 Portable Refrigerator is a perfect choice for you. It has LCD Control Panel, is Quiet in Operation, and works with a solar system making it a perfect choice.

However, if you travel a lot and have to store lots of food for many days then Whynter FM-65G Portable Refrigerator has no match. It works with both AC and DC connections.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best portable fridge freezer?

Whynter FM-65G Portable Refrigerator is the best portable fridge freezer. It works with Ac/DC connection. You can store a lot of food, it has two removable baskets, cools faster, and has Power low indicator. You can easily monitor the temperature through an LED display.

How do you power a portable fridge?

You can power your portable fridge with your vehicle battery. Some of the portable fridges such as the Whynter FM-65G Portable Refrigerator work with both Ac/Dc connections.

Can you run a 12v fridge from a solar panel?

Yes, portable fridges that support solar power can be easily run with a 200W solar panel. However, you can also run a fridge with a less powerful solar panel also but for safety, you should always have a larger power panel i.e around 200W is sufficient. But you would need a battery and an inverter along with a solar panel.

What temperature should my portable fridge be?

You should set your portable fridge temperature below 40° F (4° C) to preserve food properly. It is noted that in low temperatures bacteria growth is slow, therefore keeping food fresh.

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