Reasons Behind Brand New Fridge Making Noise – Possible causes and Solution

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When a brand new fridge starts making loud noises it makes us get worried about our money getting wasted which we have invested in it. You should first locate the source of noise as most kinds of noises are normal until they are not very loud.

A brand new fridge noise can be normal operating noises such as gurgling, vibrating, pulsating sound, or defrosting sounds such as hissing, dripping, and cracking sounds. The ice makes also makes noises such as cracking, hammering, snapping and clicking noises which are normal.

Possible reasons for Brand New Fridge Making Noise

1. Normal Operating noise made by a fridge

Fridges make many types of operating noises which are normal and you should not be worried.

  • Chirping/barking/woof/howl sound- These noises are heard due to the opening or closing of the damper door.
  • Boiling, gurgling, or knocking sound: These noises are created due to the circulation of the refrigerant which cools the fridge. A gurgling sound can also be heard just after the door is closed because of the water in the drain tube trap area.
  • Clicking Noise: This noise is heard during a power failure because the compressor tries to restarts itself.
  • Whistle or squeak Noise: This is created due to the gasket which is sealing very tightly. It stops after few days.
  • Bang Sound: When the water valve opens and closes in the waterline it creates a banging sound.
  • Fan noise: The evaporator fan while rotating creates noise. The noise can increase as the fridge responds to changes in temperature due to door openings.

2. Defrosting Sound made by a fridge

Following are the sounds produced by a defrosting refrigerator.

  • Clicking/tick-tock sound: This is heard due to the defrost timer being switched on or off. A click can also be heard when the fridge is turned on or off by the temperature control unit.
  • Dripping: While the fridge is getting defrosted, the ice melts and changes into water. The water falling down into the drain.
  • Cracking or popping: This noise is created due to the cooling of evaporator coils.

3. Ice Maker Operating sounds

If your fridge has an ice maker, it too produces various kinds of sound.

  • Crackling: This sound is produced when the ice maker drops the cubes in the ice storage basket.
  • Hum or click: This sound is produced due to flowing water into the ice maker.
  • Rattling or vibrating: If water is not supplied to ice maker while it is turned on, then it makes ratt

4. Normal Water Dispenser sounds

  • Buzzing noise: This is heard during and after getting water from the water dispenser.
  • Snapping sound: This is the sound of the dispenser chute closing and is heard after you remove the glass from the water dispenser.

If you hear loud noises which is unlikely in a brand new fridge, then check out the full guide on Noisy Refrigerator.

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A fridge and its components make various types of operating sound, you don’t need to worry about these as they are normal. However, if you hear loud noises then it may be due to one or faulty components. This is very unlikely in a brand new fridge.

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