Full Guide on How to Freeze Bok Choy (Pak Choi) to make it last longer

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Bok Choy or Pak Choi is a highly nutritious vegetable with a high amount of vitamin c, Vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, potassium, and folacin. Here is a detailed guide on how to freeze Bok Choy.

The duration for which the bok choy will last depends on the storage conditions. If you freeze Bok Choy in airtight bags without any air inside the bag then it can last for more than 6 months. But if you keep it in your refrigerator it would be good to eat for 4 days to one week. In the latter case, you can make holes in the zipper bags for good air circulation.

To freeze Bok Choy wash it, plunge it into boiling water and then quickly chill in cold water to stop cooking. Drain excess water and store it in airtight containers inside a freezer. Read more for a detailed guide and tips.

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freeze bok choy
freeze bok choy

How to Freeze Bok Choy?

There are two popular ways to freeze Bok Choy. Freezing without Blanching and freezing after blanching. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you freeze without blanching then it doesn’t turn mushy but it can cause loss of flavor, color, and texture for a long time. Blanching slows or stops the enzyme action which can cause loss of flavor, color and texture.

You have to be careful about underblanching and overbalancing. Underblanching can increase the activity of enzymes and Over blanching causes loss of flavor, color, vitamins, and minerals.

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1. Freezing without Blanching

In this process, you need to clean out your vegetable using paper towels and then wash it gently. Cut the base of the vegetable, separate the stems and wipe them down thoroughly using damp paper towels.

After this cut the bok choy into pieces. Keep these pieces into freezer zipper bags and press gently to take out the air from the bags and then seal the bag. Keep the bags in the freezer to freeze.

2. Freezing after blanching

In order to freeze bok choy by this process follow the steps.

1. Wash Bok Choy

washed bok choy
washed bok choy

Separate its stalks to to get at all the dirt out. You can wash the stalks seperately to wash it properly. To wash baby bok choy, you need to either half it or quarter it lengthwise.

Wash the Bok Choy throughly to remove all the dirt.

2. Blanching

Warm water to little less than boiling temperature in a saucepan or pot. Put Bok Choy in the boiling water for about two minutes. Make sure that all the stalk are immersed in it.

3. Place in Ice Water

After blanching put Bok Choy immediately in ice water in another saucepan to stop the cooking process. Leave it for a minute and then take it out of cold water. Dry the leaves with a paper towel.

4. Store in bags

After drying store Bok Choy in freezer zipper bags and keep inside the freezer. Make sure there is as little air as possible inside the bags. Label them and write the date you are starting freezing.

How to Refrigerate Bok Choy?

If you want to refrigerate bok choy you shouldn’t wash them. Washing them can start the rotting process. In order to refrigerate you can store it in zipper bags. Make some holes in it for proper air ciculation. Use it withing 4 to 6 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it OK to freeze bok choy?

Yes, you can freeze bok choy. To freeze it first wash it, then blanch it for two minutes. Immerse it in cold water immediately after balanching. Then Dry and store it in freezer zipper bags after taking out extra air.

How do you store bok choy in the freezer?

Blanch it and them store it in the freezer zipper bags. Take out the excess air before storing it in the freezer.

How long does bok choy last in the freezer?

Bok Choy can last for around 12 months if it is stored properly in the freezer. For its longer life store in freezer zipper bags after taking out excess air in the freezer below 0 degree Fahrenheit or lower.

What is the best way to store bok choy?

Store Bok Choy in zipper bags. Make some holes for proper air circulation. Then put it in the crisper section of your refrigerator for up to a week. Wash before using.
You can also freeze Bok Choy in a freezer and keep it for about 12 months.

How do you store bok choy without plastic?

Wrap your Bok Choy in a towel or newspaper and store in the crisper section of the refrigerator for upto one week. Wash it before use.

Is bok choy healthy?

Bok Choy or Pak Choi is a highly nutritious vegetable with a high amount of vitamin c, Vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, potassium, and folacin. It can also reduce chances of cancer.

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