4 Steps Guide to Bypass a Refrigerator Relay

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A refrigerator relay system is designed to kick start your refrigerator compressor in some time interval. The relay system safeguards the appliance from being overheating and also saves energy by not allowing the compressor to run continuously. Therefore you should only bypass the relay when it is extremely needed.

To bypass a refrigerator relay disconnect your refrigerator from the power source, connect line one with the common terminal, line two with the run terminal, and plug into the power source. From the run terminal connect a wire to the start terminal for not more than two seconds.

Step by step Guide to bypass a Refrigerator Relay

In order to bypass the refrigerator relay follow the steps.

1. Power Off

Pull the plug from the power source so that you can safely work on the procedure. After this pull the refrigerator away from the wall so that you can locate the compressor which is at the backside.

Be careful while pulling the refrigerator as they are heavy appliances and can lead to a tripping hazard.

2. Pull out relay & Overload

After locating the compressor, you will find there are two electronic components overload & relay fitted over the triangular circuit of the compressor. Pull them out which will expose the circuit.

3. Find the Common, Start & Run terminal on compressor

The compressor has a triangular setting with three terminals being common, start and run. It is important to know the correct position of the terminals because connecting with the wrong terminal can harm the compressor.

You will need a multimeter for identifying the terminals.

star run and common terminal of compressor
star run and the common terminal of the compressor

Set the multimeter to ohms and connect any two terminals with the multimeter. If you see 1.5 resistance on the multimeter then the two terminals are common and run, if you see 7.5-ohm resistance then the terminals are start and run, & start and common if the resistance is 6 ohm.

The highest resistance reading is between the start and run terminal, so the third one is definitely the common terminal. The second highest is between the start and common and the least is between common and run.

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4. Connect the terminals

Connect one of the lines to the common terminal and another line with the run terminal. Power the compressor by connecting it to the power source. Now connect a wire from the run terminal with the start terminal for not more than two seconds.

This will start the refrigerator compressor and you have successfully bypassed the relay.

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Bypassing a refrigerator relay is a simple process but you should only do this temporarily when there are no other options left. You should replace the relay as soon as possible as the relay system saves energy and run the compressor more efficiently.

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