How to reverse mini fridge door – Refrigerator Opening Reversal (DIY)

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You face the problem of opening the door when you place it in a small space. The door cannot be opened from that side and the only solution is to reverse the mini-fridge door.

You can do refrigerator door reversal by yourself quickly with the help of a wrench and screwdriver within an hour at your place by this step-by-step guide.

How easy is it to reverse a fridge door?

Fridge door reversal is an easy task and you can DIY it with the help of some tools. However you can forget the order of assembly after taking out the parts, so you can label them in orders.

What does reversible door mean on a fridge?

A reversible door on a fridge means that you can fix your refrigerator door to open it with a left or right swing as per your convenience. The door reversal feature makes the fridge easy to place anywhere in your home or workplace.

You can reverse the door quickly as per your requirement anytime by removing few bolts and parts.

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What precautions you should take before reversing the door of your mini fridge?

  • Unplug your Fridge from Power Source– You would not want to get an electric shock while you reverse the fridge door. So, take out the plug. Also if you tilt your fridge without unplugging it, this could damage the compressor and other parts.
  • Remove all Contents– You should empty your fridge before attempting to reverse the door so that the food placed inside doesn’t fall out and gets wasted.
  • Don’t plug in immediately– After the process of reversing the door if the appliance is placed on its back or side for any length of time during this process, it must be allowed to remain upright for 6 hours before plugging it in to avoid damage to the internal components.

Useful Tools for Refrigerator Door Reversal

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How to reverse the mini fridge door?

To Reverse the door of a refrigerator or mini-fridge, follow the steps as follows

fix refrigerator door with tape before door reversal
  1. Fix the door with Tape(Optional)- After removing the hinges the door of the mini-fridge can fall apart so fix it with tape as shown above so that it doesn’t falls and damage the door or hurt you.
  2. Remove Hinge Cover– Use a screwdriver to remove the hinge cover. Generally, most mini-fridges have a hinged cover on the hinges. Removing the hole cover may require a flat blade screwdriver
  3. Remove the screw– After removing the hinge cover you can see the three screws. Using a Philips head screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws holding the top hinge in place.
  4. Remove the hinge – Remove the upper hinge from the top right side of the cabinet.
  5. Remove the hole plugs- Now you can remove the crew hole plugs from the opposite side and insert plugs in the screw hole openings of the just removed screws.
  6. Turn the Refrigerator on its back- Remove any loose items in the refrigerator and carefully turn the refrigerator on its back and place it in a secure area.
  7. Remove the lower hinge- Loosen the screws holding the lower hinge bracket to the refrigerator and remove the screws and bracket.
  8. Remove the hinge pin– Remove the door pin by turning counter-clockwise and reinsert to the underside of the bracket and tighten.
  9. Align the bracket- Align the bracket and insert the screws into the holes provided.
  10. Align the door– Align the hole in the door with the door pin and washer and gently push down until firm.
  11. Check Door & Cabinet alignment– Align the upper hinge bracket with screw holes, insert screws, and partially secure. Check that the door and cabinet are properly aligned and then secure tightly.
  12. Replace the hinge cap.

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hinge reversal on door
hinge reversal on door

Video Guide for Fridge door reversal

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In order to reverse your mini-fridge just follow the step-by-step guide and you can reverse the door within an hour by yourself. You need a screwdriver with which you can open the screws. After reversing the door you can open your mini-fridge in opposite direction.

You can check out the reference guide, and product manual of danby mini fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which side should a refrigerator open?

Normally the refrigerator door opens from the left to right side with the door hinges on the right side. However, in a reversible door refrigerator, you can reverse the door hinges on the opposite side, after the reversal you can open the door from the right to the left side.

How do you change the door on a mini-fridge?

You can change the door on a mini-fridge with some tools like a screwdriver by yourself. You need to change the hinge position to the other side of the mini-fridge door. Check out the full step-by-step guide.
1. Remove the hinge cover
2. Remove the screws holding the hinge
3. Remove the top hinge and door of your fridge
4. Remove the screw-hole plugs and reinsert them
5. Remove the lower hinge bracket.
6. Replace the door of the fridge and fix hinges on the opposite side along with screws.

Can you change the direction a refrigerator door opens?

You can change the refrigerator door opening by removing the door hinges and fixing them on the other side. You can do it by yourself with some simple tools like a screwdriver by the step by step guide.

Can refrigerator doors be removed?

Yes, you can remove the refrigerator door by unscrewing the screws. Remove the door hinges by using a screwdriver from the top and bottom. After this you can easily remove the door.

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