The 6 Step Process to Defrost a Freezer Quickly

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Overtime ice can build up on the inside of your freezer. It not only makes the appliance less energy-efficient and increases power bills but also reduces the available space. Additionally, it also hinders the taking in and out of food.

To defrost a freezer unplug it and take out all the stored food and store it in a cooler or another fridge. Keep a bowl of hot water inside the freezer to quickly melt the ice. To expedite defrosting wipe the hot water on the frosted parts of the freezer with a cloth.

Frost build is the most common reason behind the Freezer is Cold but the Fridge is not problem in the model with a fridge as well as a mini freezer.

When to Defrost a Freezer?

You should defrost your freezer when a quarter of ice builds up on the walls. Otherwise, you should defrost it once or twice a year. Defrosting maintains the efficiency of the freezer and increases its life.

How to Defrost a Freezer?

To defrost the freezer you will need rubber gloves, old newspapers, bowls, hot water, a cloth, detergent liquid(for cleaning), a cooler, and a storage bag(for storing the food temporarily).

Step 1 Unplug the appliance

Wear your gloves and unplug your appliance from the power source as a freezer connected to a power supply can harm you while you clean it.

Step 2 Remove the food

Remove all your stored food out of the freezer and store them in a cooler, portable freezer or freezer bag. To prevent it from thawing wrap all the food with newspaper and store it in the coldest area of your house. According to the food safety and inspection service of the U.S. Department of agriculture as soon as the temperature reaches 40 °F and higher bacteria that may have been present before freezing can begin to multiply

Remove all the drawers from the freezer and keep the doors open.

Step 3 Spread the newspaper

To prevent floor from getting wet spread newspaper around the base of your freezer. The old newspapers will absorb the defrosted water coming out of the freezer. If your freezer has a defrost drain, then carefully connect a pipe to it and divert the water towars a drain.

Step 4 Put Just hot water in a bowl

Take just boil water in bowls and place them inside the freezer, one bowl of hot water over each shelf. Use a cloth and wet it in the hot water and dab on the ice cover parts of the freezer. This accelerates the melting process. Leave it for about an hour or two with the bowl of hot water inside.

Pro Tip: To defrost the freezer within minutes you can spray hot water with a spray. After it use an Ice spatula or ice scraper to remove the leftover ice stuck. Remember to not use any metal objects such as a spoon or knife because it can damage the walls and cooling lines.

Step 5 Wash, Clean & Dry

Wash all the removable drawers with hot water to remove ice from them. Wash them with a cleansing liquid to clean them properly and leave them to dry.

Remove the fallen big ice pieces from the freezer in the bowl and clean the leftover ice stuck at other places by dabbing cloth wet in hot water. Clean the shelves, walls, doors, and other areas with disinfectant. Soak all the fallen water on the floor with the newspaper.

Take a dry cloth and dry all the parts properly. You can also use a vacuum to clean the water quickly.

Step 6 Replace & Power on

Replace all the food inside the freezer after putting back the drawers inside it. Close the door and connect the power cord with the power supply and switch on the appliance.

Your freezer will now look as it is new and work efficiently.

Precautions for defrosting freezer

  • Defrost your freezer once a year or when you notice about one-quarter of ice build-up.
  • Don’t remove ice with any sharp objects such as knife as it can damage the cooling lines
  • Unplug your freezer from the power source before defrosting
  • Take out all the food and wrap properly with newspaper or cloth and store it in a cooler
  • Check whether the door seals are functioning properly or not. If the door doesn’t lock properly frost build-up can happen very quickly
  • Don’t use the hairdryer for defrosting as it can damage the cooling lines.

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