5 Reasons Behind Buzzing Refrigerator Noise

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Refrigerators are not the quietest home appliances and they make various kinds of noise due to the different types of equipment installed and the functions they perform.

A low buzzing noise from the refrigerator is normal but if the noise is high then it can be coming from the compressor, ice maker, evaporator fan blade, or due to an unlevelled refrigerator on the floor.

In most cases, you can fix the buzzing noise by yourself, after locating the source of the noise.

Reasons Behind the Refrigerator Making Buzzing Noise

The buzzing refrigerator noise can be due to various reasons.

1. Unlevelled refrigerator

It can be due to cabinet vibration from the refrigerator that’s not leveled. Check whether all the feet are resting on the floor equally. This is the simplest solution for a buzzing noise.

2. Noisy Compressor


The compressor makes a low buzzing sound however, if the noise is loud you should check whether the compressor bolts are loose. Due to the vibration of the compressor when it is running the bolts by which it is fixed to the refrigerator get loose and the metal starts making noise.

You can easily fix this by making the bolts tight. For better sound reduction you can place a rubber strip between the compressor and the refrigerator by making a hole in it and then passing the bolts through it and fix it. Rubber is an excellent sound absorber and most fridges have this around the compressor for sound reduction.

3. Ice Maker

Unplug the refrigerator and take the ice bin out to check if there are any frozen parts that hinder movement. If you find any ice build-up you should defrost it. You can use a hairdryer to defrost it.

Also, check out that whether you are not using the ice maker if the water inlet is disconnected. If the ice maker is turned on without any water source it makes this noise.

4. Faulty Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor circulates the cool air throughout the refrigerator. A faulty fan motor can make a buzzing noise. The motor should be replaced in this case. You can do it by yourself by removing the fan cover if you have the required tools but you should take the help of a technician.

In many cases, due to frost build-up around the evaporator fan blade, the buzzing noise is created as the blade hits the ice while rotating. In this condition, you have to defrost the ice build-up. Check out The 6 Step Guide to Defrost a Mini Fridge or Refrigerator

5. Dirty Condensor Coils

The dust particles in the air get settled on the condenser coils. You should regularly clean the coils to avoid the inefficient performance of the refrigerator. The dust also makes the heat exchange difficult and ultimately leads to the creation of buzzing noise.


The low buzzing noise is normal but if you hear a loud buzzing noise, then most probably you can easily fix it by yourself by locating the noise source.

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