5 Steps Guide to Clean Refrigerator Coils

step by step guide to clean refrigerator coils

The coils are an important part of the refrigerator functioning and directly affects the cooling inside the appliance. Therefore it should be cleaned regularly to make the refrigerator run efficiently and at its full strength. According to Kerala Energy When dust builds up on a refrigerator’s condenser coils, the compressor works harder and uses more … Read more

4 Steps Guide to Bypass a Refrigerator Relay

Guide to bypass a Refrigerator Relay

A refrigerator relay system is designed to kick start your refrigerator compressor in some time interval. The relay system safeguards the appliance from being overheating and also saves energy by not allowing the compressor to run continuously. Therefore you should only bypass the relay when it is extremely needed. To bypass a refrigerator relay disconnect … Read more

The Ideal Refrigerator Temperature to Refrigerate Food

moving a refrigerator

Refrigerating food items is the best way to stop bacterial growth and prevents it from getting spoilt. The proper refrigerator temperature keeps food fresh for a longer period as well as prevents you from getting ill due to food poisoning. The ideal refrigerator temperature for refrigerating food items is 40 °F or below i.e. 0ºC … Read more